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Originally Posted by Noctilux.95 View Post
I was right. You are a cranky old man who clearly does not finish reading someones post. First of all why would I be disappointed at Shimano losing two pro teams to Campagnolo? I own two Italian bikes that ride on Bora Ultras and new SR 12-speed. And for the occasional venture into gravel, any disk bike will be good enough limited gravel use. Now go back to your dark hole.
Bro, I was trying to help you and you insulted me. Gravel bikes are more than just tire clearance and disc brakes. I won't even mention that the Sprint is Al which does not attenuate road shock as well as carbon. I own a 2018 Allez Elite btw.

Just about 'any' bike with suitable tire clearance and disc capability is better than a Sprint. Period. Why? The fact you are considering a Sprint with discs explains you don't know. It is about not only how aggressive the Spring geometry is...but head tube angle, chainstay length and seat tube angle. The Sprint is an out and out Crit bike designed to race on tarmac. It is even too aggressive to ride the tarmac as an all arounder let along ride gravel.

So pretty clear you don't know anything about bikes. Now you can disparage me to detract that you not only don't know bikes but had the audacity to insult me...a guy who knows a lot about bikes...but its pretty transparent.

Again, the Sprint is about the worse choice of gravel bike you could make and therefore since you have proven what a nice guy you are, I hope you get one...lol.
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