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Originally Posted by Noctilux.95 View Post
I guess having 12K plus posts makes you an expert on bikes, an armchair version, right? Maybe you should get off your Campy BB and go out riding instead of posting so much? I bet you would be less bitter a bit more social, and most likely, more fit.
No, wrong again. High thread count doesn't make me an expert. I am an expert because of my involvement with the sport. You clearly aren't or wouldn't consider a crit bike for even light foray rides on gravel. I was trying to help you not make the mistake of buying a crit bike for gravel riding and you in turn insulted me.

A, you wouldn't have asked the question if you knew the answer and B I explained that its 'physics' why a crit bike is bad for gravel riding aka frame geometry and limited tire clearance and you double down on insults. I hope you get the Sprint. Honestly the Sprint is the wrong bike for 90% of those that want a roadbike who 'never go off pavement'. Its because of the weight distribution on the bike with shallow seat tube angle, short chainstays and rougher ride of more upright head tube angle. Almost anybody who doesn't crit race would be better served by a bike with more laid out angles whether they ride on pavement...but especially on gravel where attenuation of road shock is critical. Btw, the sprint for the $$ being Aluminum is one of the best crit bikes on the planet and maybe the best crit bike for the dollar...what is designed for...high speed, quick turning and has aero cues and massive BB for hard accelerations. A gravel bike has a completely different agenda notably longer chainstays and more laid back head tube...and longer head tube, longer wheelbase, more laid back seat tube angle...to get rider CG back and more laid out angles absorb the thrashing of gravel grinding.

What I wrote is simply fact. You can drive a 911 off road as well but in stock form simply the wrong tool for the job.

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