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I have Ortleib 2 sets of back roller classics & another set that is exactly the same but 50% bigger. I don't remember the name exactly...Pro-plus or something similar. (I use it for my Igloo Playmate lunchbox ) Mine are the old-style classic PVC/vinyl type material.

As far as I can tell, there isn't any detectable wear at all on any of them. They all look as new as the day they were bought. They are indeed 100% waterproof. I'd venture a guess they could claim air-tight as well. In the event of a waterlanding I have no doubt they could be used as a flotation device. Believe it when people claim they will exist & be servicable long after it's owner dies.

Yeah, they can be pricey, but they'll be the last panniers you ever buy.

I can't speak to the new style material that is more eco-friendly to produce. Maybe some one can chime in on that.

FYI: SJS has backroller classics on sale at 99.99 which is about $60 USD cheaper than can be had in the US after exchange rate. REI usually has them at $180. Shipping from the UK is usually about $40USD so you still save about 20 bucks if you buy at Saint Johns & a lot more if you are going to buy more than 1 set.

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