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Originally Posted by winston63 View Post
For waterproof panniers it's hard to go wrong with Ortlieb. But I'm not wild about their attachment system and have had a loaded pannier come flying off more than once.
This is the first I have heard of an Ortlieb parting ways with the bike.

On one occasion I glanced down and realized that one of my front panniers was only hanging on with one hook, not two. Not sure how I did it, but after eight years to get one on wrong without realizing it is pretty good. Since the hooks have that under bar tab that locks them on, it was pretty clear that it was user error in my case.


Someone above mentioned the City version and also the Rack Bags that can attach to the Backroller. The Backroller and Frontrollers have a strap that goes over the top. On my front rollers I often strap my rain gear on top of the pannier so it is readily accessible.

That center strap is also used to strap the Rack Bag to the Backroller, see photo. But if you are only going out for a week, the odds are you would not need the Rack Bag on top of the rear panniers, a smaller dry bag can certainly be straped on top of the rack instead.

A friend of mine uses the City version, he liked the lower price and they are a bit lighter. But I prefer the classic version with that strap over the top.

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