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If you have the bit of extra cash, Arkels are the best panniers I’ve ever dealt with. Completely waterproof, hard wearing, solid attachment system, and a little nicer material than Ortlieb imo. I haven’t owned Ortleibs, but they seem very well made and certainly have a lot of happy customers. I would never waste my money on another Axiom product. After a rack failure that was far under it’s weight limit and Monsoon DXL panniers that were a patchwork of duct tape by the end of their first tour, both items which should have been covered under warranty and weren’t, I consider them to be bottom tier products with poor customer service. The guy at the bike shop flat out told me that Axiom “isn’t going to cover a rack failure.” Said I could leave it and he’d try if I wanted, but he knew the rep would say no to a rack replacement. For the panneirs, one of the reasons they gave me for denying warranty was that I “continued to use the product after the hole developed.” Was I supposed to stop my tour, email them, wait for reply, send in the pannier, wait for replacement, then continue my tour? Ridiculous. Of course I didn’t immediately stop using it. Their “warranty” isn’t worth the paper it’s written on. In any case, the DXL panniers seemed to leave my clothes feeling a little clammy on rain days even before the holes. The Arkels that went on that same tour kept my things dry and still looked good as new by the end.
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