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no, it's all the same people riding more than one grand randonnee. It took me a while (3 hours maybe?) to talk iTrod into registering last night and he was #500 . If there are 1000 people signed up now I would be surprised. And those are the most likely people to ride PBP. The ACP folks would know the stats, but it's interesting how few riders in the U.S. ride a 600k or even a 400k in a given year.

The link I gave above to the Randonneurs Mondaix site lists everyone that has ever ridden a 1200k or longer (other than PBP). There just aren't that many. Of course, that doesn't include the number of people that have ridden a 1000k, which is an ACP event. RM has 13269 recorded rides. There was an event in China in 2016 with almost 300 finishers. I am pretty sure there were no randonneuring events in China before 2011.

Okay, they released the numbers: "After one day, PBP'19 preregistrations reach 1700 entries. No stress, 4600 entries are still available!"

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