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Originally Posted by Bianchigirll View Post
I think perhaps it will eventually be on the ebay or craigslist as a rare Masi touring bike.
Originally Posted by merziac View Post
I think you are probably right, but if I see that, it will be called out in a flash.
Around 30 years ago, I bought a smashed guitar in parts- it was an early 70s Les Paul Deluxe- I mostly just got it for the case and for some of the parts. There were stickers all over the case, after a while I decided to peel the stickers off- underneath all those stickers was a "FEAR" stencil. FEAR used to be (or maybe still is) a sort of famous punk rock band. I got this idea (not too far fetched) that a guitar player from FEAR smashed his guitar and the pieces all somehow ended up with a guy who worked at a large guitar store in the area. I just used the case because it had this cool 1960s style brown tolex... and it had the cool FEAR stencil on it... One day I was playing a show and a guy says "oh hey- you have my old guitar!" It turns out he made a FEAR stencil and they proceeded to stencil everything in his old band's practice studio- Guitars, cases, PAs, pallets... just drunk-ass 19 year old stuff... I now knew the story about the FEAR stencil and it was a whole lot less romantic than I imagined.

A couple of years later I had the idea to get a new neck for it- I contacted Gibson, they directed me to the shop who did their 'second' work- I had to send in the headstock to prove it was a real Gibson Les Paul. They built a neck, put the original serial number on it and I played it for 10 years or so. Somewhere around 10 years ago I decided to sell the guitar- with the case. I made a grand point of telling the guy EXACTLY what the stencil was about- and that that guitar or case in no way was ever owned by anyone in the band FEAR.

Somewhere around 5 years ago- I got a PM on a guitar forum from a guy who bought my old guitar from a guy who was selling it as a guitar that was owned by and smashed on stage by the guitar player from FEAR.
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