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Originally Posted by Bad Lag View Post
Well informed 'purists' are not the ones who suffer from forgeries, no matter the article/artifact.

As you know, stories get omitted and changed. Soon, this could be THE bike from 'Breaking Away'.

That the OP has no ethical problem with the forgery should surprise no one, least of all him. It makes absolutely no difference whatsoever what was done by a movie studio or anyone else.

I don't know how best to rectify this issue. Perhaps painting a small antecedent to make the logo read, "not a real' MASI. Doesn't RHM impress his initials on the hides in lieu of the BROOKS name on his renovated saddles. Something should be done. I wonder what the MASI people would think. How would they feel about this?
Okay, let's be a little serious here. I'm reproducing a 'fake' Masi with a different frame. From a movie with a fake Masi. There is no way I would re-sell this as an actual Masi. Why would I re-sell a fake Masi when this is all for me- my heart- my memories- my life. Sometimes you guys are a little Hell if I Know!!
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