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Nevermind. Wait, what?
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I am entertained! Flying paint? Hilarious because I've done it, albeit with hot sauce or something. JB-weld fork mods serving zero actual purpose? A poke in the eye for the weight weenies, and a testament to the dedication of a man who would make a fake version of a real movie fake of a real race bike. Inception down the rabbit hole! Hell, I dunno. What I do know is somehow the OP has found a grey area in the counterfeit bike morality rules.

On the other hand...
Originally Posted by lostarchitect View Post
IMO all you did here is ruin a good Trek.
A race bike in any era is a highly personal choice that at its "best" balances the requirements of fit, weight, handling, durability and cost tempered by the willingness to toss it and oneself down the pavement at considerable speed. ~Bandera
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