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Originally Posted by 2cam16 View Post
In for this project!
And for those that think the OP is passing it off as a counterfeit, GTHO. Think of it as a replica of a movie prop. I'd probably do the same thing if I had the time and resources.
Good job,OP!
Thank You, exactly!

It makes me happy seeing the Masi on the frame. Oh sure I blinked and it was done. No, It took many coats of paint and stress and applying the decals near to stroke inducing! You know what I mean. I'm still working on the second pump!

Honestly, I'm shocked at the negative response. I'm reproducing a fake bike in the movie- sure with a better frame. If I'd used the sears that would be okay? This doesn't diminish the hours of work and love and sweat I have put into this recreation. It's not finished. This is not for sale. This is for me. Ya know- you apply those MASI white (only) decals and sit back and go- 'm there. I'm with you. I remember you beautiful bike. Ohhhmmm...

I don't get the hate. I really don't. If I were auctioning this off as the real thing sure. But this is for me. And if ever sold will be disclosed it's true nature. When she's finished I'll post. Regards to all!
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