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No, not to disaster but I know there are different opinions about recreations (non original), as I recall over the years there have been a number of attempts at recreating the Masi in "Breaking Away" in fact if I recall correctly there are a few threads on the forum requesting technical information about the "original ( would 3 be considered original?) but I think the main difference was the person "recreating" the bike used a Masi frameset.(better?) [Another] Breaking Away replica project - Masiphile help needed

The argument has been framed many ways as stated above. There have always been facsimiles/tributes and I suppose there always will be. When replacing a Record crankset with a Super Record crank are there ramifications? What about all of the other parts on a bike that are "upgraded", do/should we disclose all of the upgrades?...perhaps something to be considered and I am sure some do/don't.

In my estimation, there is nothing wrong with what "you" have done because you are not representing it as a MASI....but what "others" may do after/when you decide to sell, will it be passed off to an uninformed buyer as a Masi?...not your intention but what could occur.

Do what you prefer because it is your bike and it is looking good, finish it and enjoy it...when and if you sell it remove the decals if you like and if you decide to make another one perhaps rename it a "WASI" or "KOLNAGO" "BARAMOUNT" or "SENTURION".
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