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First Rustoleum project. I painted right over the original paint. Little to no prep. Painted around original decals. This was what I called my camping bike. Took it on camping trips. Sat out in rainstorms and travelled many miles exposed on a roof rack. Had it for about 5 years . And was still in excellent condution when I sold it.

My last Rustoleum paint job. Just painted my '77 Bus in September. Used a 2" brush. 3 coats of paint. Then buffed out with polishing compound. I have painted it every year since I bought it 5 years ago. The bus sits out year long in Chicago climate...sun, heat, snow, ice. I find its the best way to maintain the finish. Its about 6 hours total to sand, 3 coats paint, and buff.

Rustoleum is a great product. It drys fast. It drys hard. It polishes out well. Durable. My bus sits out all summer, about 8 hours a day of sun. I havent noticed any fading.
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