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Originally Posted by xetaprime View Post
Thank you. I wasn't going to do another bike. Really! Then the BA DVD happened (because of this forum)... The last bike I rustoleum-ed I said it was my last. You kind of forget the waiting, sanding, waiting- oil based brushes/rollers... Then the idea takes over. Thank you for your comment
Originally Posted by tyler_fred View Post
Tough crowd. Anybody here wear Brut after-shave and reek of Lavoris?
BF is usually a tough crowd. ^^^ I get the quote now that I watched Breaking Away for the 1st time is 20 or so years last night after reading this thread. Based on recent Breaking Away discussions on that other thread I found a new in box DVD offered for under $10 on Amazon. When it arrived I was disappointed to find it was for "Region Code 2" and wouldn't play on our DVD player. This thread prompted me to give it another try, this time on the home PC and after some setting option changes it worked and had captions, which I found helpful in some scenes...yea !!

I don't see a problem with the project and xetaprime says he'd never try to sell the bike with Masi decals, and I have faith he'd never try to pass it off as a true Masi to anyone interested in the bike. I'm sure he'd enjoy showing off his work. Screen captures can bring out details that pass by too quickly to notice in real time, like the Bloomington High School South sticker on Dave's bedroom window.

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