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I just sprained my leg - my knee is all torn up. It HURTS! #%^#@@*&

Ride started off fine - everything was frozen and nice and crunchy.

Then the rain came in (earlier than predicted). I didn't think that was a problem, but frozen roads & changing temperatures are not a good thing. compounding the fact that wet pavement does a very good job of both hiding ice and making it more slippery. I was just happily riding along - next thing I know I'm lying on my back with pain in my leg. It just happened so fast. At least I was wearing a helmet, lol.

Any day where the temperature crosses the freezing point is a day when ice is the most dangerous.

so yeah, @medic75 and @wphamilton

In my area, we get freezing rain like you'd get snow – you have to watch out for shadows, slick looking patches (that could be frozen)”
That is what I do, but the fallacy in that argument is that there are no shadows when its raining. Everything is glossy wet, hiding my trap.

Weather is unpredictable, and leaving the house with 30 degree temperatures (and no precipitation in the near term forecast) turned out to be a nightmare this day.

Originally Posted by Archwhorides View Post
If the ground is cold overnight, even if the air temp is at or above freezing, rain precip may become wet/black ice. This is a dangerous condition and not to be trifled with. Studs!
Uh, yeah. That would be what had happened (I would have been OK if the short term weather forecast had been accurate, with rain starting after my ride).

Originally Posted by crotch_rocket View Post
Seriously. I've never used studded tires, and actually, while I am stud-curious, I've never actually felt the need to get them, and still got around just fine.
I’ve never really needed them in the city, so you may be just fine in Boston. Generally there is too much traffic (and plowing and salt). Black ice forms best when the surface is undisturbed for a while. But you may just be getting lucky so far. Watch for those shadows on cold days.
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