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The paint and decals look great, but I'm surprised you would post photos of the project here. You were asking for trouble! Imagine going on to a classic automobile buff website and posting your fake '63 split window Corvette. Do you think you would get a positive response?

Perhaps a better analogy would be re-creating the "fake General Lee" from the later seasons of the Dukes of Hazzard. Some people estimate that they destroyed more than 300 actual 1969 Dodge Chargers filming that show, and towards the end of the show's run they started passing off AMC Ambassadors as Dodge Chargers for many of the stunt sequences. Would people in the classic car community have objections to re-creating the AMC Amabassador as a '69 Dodge Charger? I think they might get a pass for a silly project like that.

I will just admire your work, and make sure to remember this thread if I'm ever looking for an expensive Italian bike on eBay!
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