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Originally Posted by Ald1 View Post
Well I'm thinking of my first bike tour of Italy too. Between Andy's place and at about 1/2 price the Italian Cycle Center?.
I spent nearly two weeks at the ICC in 2013. I know the guy who owns it. We live close to each other. The guy pictured on the website is my friend Bart:

Every body rides in that area. Sunday is traditional club ride day. We saw very large groups. Great riding. The place is close to the start of the climb to Monte Grappa. Good value, and the food is terrific. The area was, at one point, the Italian Front during WWI, so there is a lot of history, including a terrific WWI museum underneath a bar at the old bridge. And if you like to drink grappa and drink Prosecco, you will be in the right place. (One day we rode through Valdobiadenne, which is where Prosecco comes from.) You can also take a day trip to Venice on the train. The biggest drawback is that there is nothing in the small town to do at night. There are no evening busses between Borso del Grappa (where you stay) and Bassano del Grappa. You need to take a taxi if you want to go into town at night.

Let me know if you book. I can suggest some rides, including one to the Asiago Plateau.
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