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Originally Posted by Enthalpic View Post
I would be leery of a insurance company offering discounts based on behavior; it's too easy for them to decline payout based on "fraudulent information" like if you say you ride a lot but then right after you die they claim you stopped riding years ago.

You can't complain after you're dead.
This is a good point, and worth considering. One thing to note though, is that it appears from what I can tell that they just negotiate better rates for healthy people with major insurance companies, take their cut I'm sure, and then your policy is with the major company. I kind of doubt MetLife or Prudential is going to go back and double check something like that in 10 years. It also says the only way it can be canceled is if you stop paying the premiums. It appears they mainly just get you into the premium plus rate tier with the insurance companies.

My wife pointed out cyclists are actually relatively likely to die by getting hit by a car and asked if they take that into account, and I told her it appears they do not but that's a great point. I guess the odds are still lower than being fat and getting a heart attack.
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