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The old school approach I did for 2 decades. Glued the tires on with Tubasti. Never cleaned the rims unless the glue base was hopelessly irregular. I considered clean rims the enemy. Tubasti never set up hard, That could be an issue if the tires get really hot, but in all my riding and racing in New England, never an issue (though it might have been after climbing Mt. Washington but they wouldn't let us ride down),

Flats - peel the old tire off, stick on the new one and baby the bike the first mile or so. Try not to get aggressive until the spare is pulled and a good one put on. (But with a few miles, the stuck on spares were usually very well stuck. The blessing of my less than fastidious glue clean-ups. (I loved that a flat was a 5 minute tire change - always. The flat cause didn't matter, Neither did rain, snow, darkness, inebriation (well that could add a little time) or just about anything else. Very, very comforting if I happened to flat in a shady section of town.)

I glued race tires with Clement Red but I rode more than a few races on Tubasti. Never an issue. I wouldn't dare ride the old Clement after a flat. (Now that I think of it, I did ride home from Bethel, Maine to Boston on my race wheels via North Conway NH. About 200 miles on race silks. Never thought about glue. No flats. Ignorance can be bliss.

And carrying the sewups? Always under the seat with a toestrap. Can put it in a sock but I never did. (Outside of the shoulder carry, is there any other way? And that shoulder carry gets dubious if you pre-glued the tire and care about your jersey.)

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