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New Orleans to Vermont (Seeking Advice)

Hey y'all. I am juggling around the idea of biking from New Orleans (where I currently live) to Burlington,VT (my home town) in August. I've never done a bike tour before but I am an avid city biker and have done a fair ammount of travel nationally and internationally. I guess I'm mainly wondering if anyone has done a similar trip and has any advice. Which route did you take? How long did it take? I'm thinking I'm going to shoot for about a month (one way) and I would love to stop through Birmingham Alabama (to visit the HP40 bouldering site.) I also have a lot of friends along the east coast but biking up that way seems kind of miserable because of the density of cities (especially once you hit the tri-state area.) Anyway, any sort advice is appreciated. Thanks y'all.
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