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In my sew-up days (1970's) I used to carry a spare in an orphaned gym sock and fastened it under my Brooks saddle with an old toe strap. The sock kept grit and grime from getting on the glue. Yes, I carried an old tire as a spare. It usually had enough Tubasti on it to get me home once I ride easy for the first couple of miles after putting the tire on my bike. When I got home I would pull the old tire off and put my best tire on or patched the one that got a flat.

For your spare, keep the glue clean and fresh. If it is allowed to get hard or loaded with grit it won't adhere well enough to the rim for aggressive riding in my opinion. I only had a sew-up tire ride off my rim once though. I chalked that up to a poor glue job on my part. For what it's worth, it was a new clean rim as I recall..... As previously mentioned in another post, we didn't clean our rims all that often back then. For new rims, I knew racers that would lightly sand the rim surface so that the glue stuck better on a new rim.

I loved riding sew-ups but with the technology we have today with clinchers they almost replicate the ride and the sound of sew-ups. I gave up sew-ups for that reason and also because they are such a pain to keep up. I run Challenge Paris Roubaix's or Strada Bianca's on my bikes. They are "open tubulars" and seem to have all of the advantages of sew-ups with none of the disadvantages. The Challenge tires give me about 95% of the ride quality of my old sew-ups without all of the fuss...and mess of glue. Paired with real latex tubes I can barely tell the difference in ride or sound. They have that "sss..ssss..ssss" sound when pounding on the pedals.
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