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Originally Posted by Happy Feet View Post
You're strange...

but in an ok sort of way.

One of my "wouldn't it be nice to have" bikes is a clubman.
Well, it's nice to know that someone doesn't think I'm not strange in a bad way.

I saw a 1980's Raleigh Capri about a year ago and fell in love with the styling of those '80s Raleighs. Similar to other bikes from that era, they have so much style. One thing I dislike about modern bikes is they all look alike - for instance, the Giant Sedona I just purchased blends in with the other bikes most students own on our campus.

I have a 1987 Free Spirit Pinnacle road bike that needs a lot of work and I'm not sure if I'll restore it to perfect riding condition (it has some degree of sentimental value to me) and I just paid $400 on a Giant Sedona and getting it ready to roll.

Plus, the Pinnacle was a lowly Sears bike that probably (or, so I'm told) isn't worth restoring. Both rims are shot, the seat is shot and the kickstand needs to be replaced. I plan on using it mostly as "indoor decor" and a backup for if the Sedona acts up. I've noticed that some of the parts are pretty rusty and needs a good cleaning.

If I end up getting another bike (unfortunately, my budget and other hobbies disagree with the "n+1" formula) I'll be on the lookout for a '80s Raleigh.
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