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All good points on the ride, whatever ferry you start on, be sure to start in the front after off-loading to avoid the slower/inexperienced riders. On the note of ferry times, usually the first 2 are the most packed. The remaining 2 will be relaxed and you can enjoy the ride and scenery without any pressure. A few years ago we had delayed ourselves, not intentionally since one of our buddies was late signing up day-of and we missed the 2nd ferry, but once we disembarked the 3rd ferry it felt like we were there with a small group rather than the big crowds everyone talks about. So if you have the time and since you're driving from BC, highly recommend starting on the later ferries! Granted it's a great spectacle to see a ferry loaded with just bikes but then again its the chaos you'll have to deal with unloading, during and after the ride.

With the El Nino pattern finally showing signs this year, I think we'll have a good day for the ride. Just as someone noted, check a few days ahead to be sure!

We'll be there no matter what weather and on the 3rd ferry!
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