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Midway stop is great, typical fruits like bananas and energy food, cookies, pretzels, rice krispy treats and more. Nuun is there for electrolyte drink replacement plus water if you just want that. Lots of energy and cheering when coming in to the stop, local school cheerleaders yelling and jump roping. Kind of fun if you're with friends and need a bathroom break, or need some attention on your bike with a mechanic. On the colder wet rides, expect to see more stop here just to warm up. When it's nicer out, riders tend to skip this and just get to the finish for the chili and walk around town for drinks and lunch.

As for the course, it's more like rolling hills. Most are short and steep, just need to keep the momentum going to get a good start. BUT this is where as other noted on the earlier start times and chaos of inexperience or untrained riders have issues and accidents due to shifting, getting off bike in middle of hill, walking, etc. Again if you start later, you should not have any problems running into this. Definitely recommend to spin up the hills especially later in the course where fatigue can set in quickly if you haven't been riding.
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