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Originally Posted by TimothyH View Post
This is a valid point. Something to consider.

I still don't think the bike is jackass. I think it is pretty cool. Whomever built it might have chosen a better platform but the level of attention to detail blows my mind. I say this a detail oriented, anally retentive analytical spreadsheet guy. All the redundancy makes me happy.

I do wonder how anyone would see over that GPS sticking up. Like the people who have GPS in the winshield of their cars blocking their vision and shining into their eyes at night or a giant mass of stuff hanging from the rear view mirror. Aren't they concerned about seeing traffic in front of them?

It is a detail orientated and maybe not total jackass but certainly too oddball and crazy for normal usage. I doubt the thing got ridden much if at all with all that crap on it. I wouldn't ride that thing anywhere I would have to lock it up, it would take an hour to remove everything and another hour to put it back on.
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