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Originally Posted by veganbikes View Post
@mouse: I do offer safety courses. However paying for them is tough because paper money could leave you with a paper cut that could get infected and then you could die and coins could weigh down your pockets and you could all into a pool or lake and drown because you sink to the bottom or you could get copper poisoning and Paypal could work but then you could get radiation from your cellular telephone and slowly die or even get zapped by electricity putting you in a vegetative state and the nurse could accidentally unplug you.

The world is very unsafe and one should never venture out into it for any reason.

Here is a free tip though never drink liquids because you can drown in a teaspoon of water. Me I carefully suck moisture from the air or absorb it through osmosis ; )
You sir truly are a lifesaver! Like they say not all heroes wear....... wait... do you wear a cape!?
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