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Originally Posted by Sp@eder
Hmmmm, the Heim seems perfect. Thanks for the link. Simple design, 3 rings and not overly expensive.

I do have some questions:
Does it actually fit an XC crank, like Deore M440 or maybe even lower? I don't know too much about how they are attached and stuff.
Can I still backpedal in all gear combinations?
And what I really need to know is, will it stop the "kling kling kling" noise the chain makes while doing tricks? In other words, will the chain remain silent all the time?

Thanks again.
Yes it should fit a regular 44/33/22 XC crank. The Heim strut is stainless and, if I recall correctly, turned down a little bit around the mount hole; so that part is low-profile. It mounts behind your bottom bracket drive-side cup and should have negligible affect on your chain-line. Montara says it's backpedalable. My home-fabbed copy was not entirely, but that may have been due to my engineering. Follow the mounting directions that will come with it (as far as angle, wrap, etc.) and you should be fine. If you want some more info, read this REVIEW from

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