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Originally Posted by Machka View Post
Absolutely no less than $30/hour. $30 for the first hour or part of an hour it takes, and an additional $30 for each additional hour or part of an hour. So if it takes me 30 minutes to move one, I get paid $30. If it takes me 1 hour and 10 minutes to move one, I get paid $60.

I would also need to be appropriately signed on with the pick-up organisation and assured of the necessary insurance cover.

Does that seem reasonable to you?
It's your prerogative to say no if the pay doesn't suit you, so it doesn't really matter whether I find your POV reasonable or not.

But answer this: if you were walking in an area and you got a text notification that you could win an hour of free scooter usage if you picked up a certain scooter near your current location and parked it in one of many designated parking spot options, would you consider it?

What if instead of a free hour, you got a free week of 1-hour-per-day usage?

Surely there is some level of discount or freebee offer that could entice you into taking the scooter to a parking spot, if it was not too far out of your way.
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