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What does suspension travel have to do with tire choice?

I bought a coupla Conti Trail King folding tires recently. The piece of cardboard that wrapped around the folding tires had a graph inside. Conditions were listed along the horizontal X axis (Hardpack, Mixed, Loose/Soft, Mud).

But the vertical Y axis seemed to be concerned about suspension travel. The graph recommends Conti's "Der Kaiser" tire for DH long suspension (180 - 200mm) bikes. At the other end of the graph are short-travel (80 - 120mm) XC bikes, where Conti recommends their Mountain King or X-King tires.

On YouTube I watched a Schwalbe video where the young man was talking about the range of Schwalbe knobbies and proper applications. He also mentioned suspension travel as a factor in choosing the right tire.

I don't get it. How does suspension travel affect the tire choice? I realize that knobby size/spacing and rubber compounds are different, and a mud tire is not the same as a hardpack tire is not the same as a DH tire, but what does suspension travel have to do with it?
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