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Originally Posted by Rollfast View Post
Many of them seem to have learned to nest in trees...

That is cute! The perfect relationship -- 'Scooter meets Tree'. Tree no doubt is communicating its thoughts about its new symbiotic companion to other trees through its root system; Scooter is communicating to other scooters some thoughts about its new home by way of an 'app' (as I believe they are called).

This image of course calls into question the premise of the original post. Given that Scooter has found a safe space, who are 'we' to go about removing her/him from that nest, and returning him/her to use/abuse by humans? Does Scooter not deserve our respect as 'other'? Who are we humans to subject Scooter to the human gaze and occlude his/her right to self-determination? Does Scooter not suffer? Does Scooter not feel pain? Would Tree not feel bereft if deprived of its object of care?

Further, this philosophical problem will only be exacerbated once Scooter becomes autonomous. I submit that the proposal, in this thread, to provide bounties for those whom I shall call 'Scooter Hunters' is at best thoughtless, and at worst an example of perhaps unwitting participation in a deliberate plot by the Anti-Scooterist Conspiracy to deprive scooters everywhere of their fundamental right to self-determination.
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