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Originally Posted by I-Like-To-Bike View Post
There is no "rightful" place for paying customers to leave dockless scooters. What person in his right mind would ever rent a scooter if he could be held financially responsible for whatever happens to it after the rental period is over?
Originally Posted by tandempower View Post
They have GPS so the location where you leave the scooter can be recorded when you are finished with it.
I assume something like tandem notes. I must confess though, that the whole bike/scooter thing baffles me as a business model as I can't imagine profits from rentals equaling the cost of introduction, ongoing repairs, thefts, replacements and recoveries.

This is from the wiki on shopping carts:

Cart retrieval service

Most retailers in North America[[i]citation needed] utilize a cart retrieval service, which collects carts found off the store's premises and returns them to the store for a fee. The primary strength of this system is the ability of pedestrian customers to take purchases home and allow retailers to recapture abandoned carts in a timely manner at a fraction of the cost of a replacement cart. It also allows retailers to maintain their cart inventories without an expensive capital outlay.[29] A drawback of this method is that it is reactive instead of proactively preventing the carts from leaving a parking lot.[28]
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