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Originally Posted by NeoY2k View Post
I posted a week ago about rim choice but decided to reconsider my options to stouter rims.
I want to use Continental GP4000/GP5000 28mm tires (tubed). For loaded touring with a medium load.
I already tour on these tires and I like them, I don't want to go wider (I had, but prefer the 28s)

Rims considered:
DT R460db - 18mm internal, 22mm ext, 23mm height
DT X392 - 20mm internal, 24mm ext, 18mm height

I was going to go with the R460, but noticed the tendency toward wider rims. Would the X392 then be better suited?
If I am to follow DT's specs, 28mm is the "max optimum" for 18c rims, and "min optimum" for 20c rims.
Would the tire shape be better on the wider rim, or is it too wide?

What tire pressure do you need for your 28s?

Be warned with 20mm internal rims, they max out at 90-100PSI maximum tire pressure (max pressure goes down as internal width goes up). To use wider format rims, you may need a wider tire to get the necessary/desired pressure number for your rig's load.
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