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For road salt: I use a large garden sprinkling can of water, and flow water over the drivetrain and parts of the frame that got any road splashes. Then blot some of the water off, and let it dry indoors.

For Di2:
wipe off pivots with a paper towel, then lube with chain lube, and wipe off excess. (Shimano doesn't mention any lube maintenance methods for their Di2 derailleurs.)
I never lube jockey wheels, unless I remove them from the derailleur arm, disassemble and regrease. That's very rare.

For chains: I used to remove the chain at the quick link, shake in a plastic bottle with paint thinner, then shake with dish detergent and water, then rinse and dry. Nice and clean, and I got around 4000 miles per chain.
But now, I just wipe off the chain with paper towels and rubbing alcohol if it's not too dirty, or with a bit of paint thinner on a paper towel, then relube. I still get 4000 miles....

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