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Originally Posted by AnkleWork View Post
It's just hydrocarbon solvent. Is Di2 hydrocarbon solvent-proof? Charcoal lighter fluid is the same thing and much, much cheaper.

BTW, does all that stuff need to be degreased?
I'm not sure if DI2 is hydrocarbon proof , but it's waterproof , i assume internal motor parts and elect. components is sealed efficiently to prevent any liquid getting in .
"Mucoff dry chain degreaser aerosol" product description says it can be used on derailleur "maybe they refer to mechanical ones ?" .. i guess it's hydrocarbon , but it should elaborate quickly without residue .. and it can be used as a classic degreaser for chain , pack have decent size as well "500ml" , so it's not a waste of money i guess .
Not sure if e-bike cleaner from muc-off works as well or no .
The only specefic product i found for electronic shifters is e-shift from finish line , they say it can be used also for gears and derailleurs as mentioned in their official youtube videos , but i feel it will be kinda extra gentle and weak on the chain , i also don't know its ingredients to be honest .
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