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Originally Posted by hythamfekry View Post
I'm not sure if DI2 is hydrocarbon proof , but it's waterproof , i assume internal motor parts and elect. components is sealed efficiently to prevent any liquid getting in .
"Mucoff dry chain degreaser aerosol" product description says it can be used on derailleur "maybe they refer to mechanical ones ?" .. i guess it's hydrocarbon , but it should elaborate quickly without residue .. and it can be used as a classic degreaser for chain , pack have decent size as well "500ml" , so it's not a waste of money i guess .
Not sure if e-bike cleaner from muc-off works as well or no .
The only specefic product i found for electronic shifters is e-shift from finish line , they say it can be used also for gears and derailleurs as mentioned in their official youtube videos , but i feel it will be kinda extra gentle and weak on the chain , i also don't know its ingredients to be honest .
There's a logical disconnect in your first sentence.

Hydrocarbon solvents damage many types of plastic and elastomers (as used in seals). If you insist on "degreasing" your electric derailleur, maybe consider a chlorinated solvent developed for the electronics industry. But if you strip out the lube from internal recesses, like motor bearings, how will you replace it? Chain lube is probably not the best replacement.

If you will look at the published SDS for the product you won't have to guess. SDSs include very little marketing hype.

Checking prices at a large retailer, I see that per mL, muc-off costs about twenty-five times as much as the same solvent in less hyped packages.

Just FYI, according to the manufacturer e-shift is also just hydrocarbon solvent at an ultra premium price -- nothing kinda gentle about it.
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