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Would you be pro?

I should do a poll, but I'll leave to discussion. If you could be a pro, not a Froome, or Sagan but just a middle of the pack World Tour pro vs a decent (USA) career path (job) what would you do?

I'm watching a number (half dozen) of the ex USA juniors. The least hard thing seems to be the bike riding part. The choosing what to do is the hard part.
Just looking at the 2015/2016 juniors now ~20.
-One is a pro - I expect will be a WT GC leader. Time will tell.
-One had a tragic accident and was UCI podium and many junior wins.
-One is in college and still world MTB top 10 or so.
-One is a pilot and just got UCI U23 top 10 in cross - 4 USA pro TT
-One is the pro RR NC
-One is a fire fighter @ 20. Dad is a fire fighter and a USA hall of fame cyclist
-One won USA U23 RR, then USA U23 TT and is doing college same place as below - just not racing.
-One is a Collegiate NC and attending the same college as the kid above who is not racing.
-One wants to be a fighter pilot - maybe track racer.

All nostalgic for me, I just can see that choosing to be pro is a better route for those that did not choose to be pro. Other than #1 , it is all a hobby.

Thing is, I can't really say any of these kids went the wrong way.

-There are several others.
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