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1x40min at 260w

I was going to go for 15min sets or something, but got to 15min and said **** it. Then got to 20min and said "let's see how far we can make it". Got to 40min and the HR was slowly creeping up and I had to get out and shower and go back to work.

But, I made it. 40min non-stop. I averaged 108 rpm. Music on Pandora today was just killing it on the BPM staying constantly higher. Bunch of 98 bpm, 112 bpm Imagine Dragons and One Republic stuff. I freed the mind and let the legs eat. I bet if you averaged out the BPM of the music it would be damn close to the cadence.

I think the last 8min took some convincing to finish it up. I've never held an SS interval that long. Not even close. And the power/HR zone was correct and made sense. So I wasn't under selling anything. The two 30:30's I tossed in at the end of the workout reminded me that the power readout was indeed functional and reading correctly.
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