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Originally Posted by mstateglfr View Post
Oh, i got ya now- the hydraulic STIs. Yeah, they look similar. And they all look fugly to me.
Still- the 10sp Tiagra drivetrain, all of it, is different from 5700. 10sp 4700 shifts differently than 5700.

This really confuses things though as now that you clarified you mean Tiagra hydraulic(i saw that in your Trek link), it for sure isnt a clone of 5700 which is a mechanical brake system. It seems you are claiming Tiagra hydraulic and 5700 are identical.

I hope you can see why the other poster was also confused.

In the end- yes there is trickle down technology. No, not all current generations of a lower level product are identical to the previous generation of a higher level product.
Okay. I get it. And yes, Tiagra always "looked" sort of normal as compared to those balloon heads but now, Tiagra is the fugley look.

Does anyone other than me think that it seems the 2019 bikes with a Tiagra groupset have gone up in price. The OP mentions it too. I could be wrong. Seems the bikes I'd been looking at have jumped up in price by a hundred bucks or so. Could be tariffs I guess.??
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