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Originally Posted by kingston View Post
Such as? I'd like to know which other product manufacturers charge a wholesale price in the US that's higher than the retail price in Europe for an otherwise identical product, then threaten British retailers so they stop shipping product to American customers. I'll stop buying their products too.
Technical books. There was a math book I sold and then decided I wanted a copy. It was well over $100. I asked one of the Indian grad students to buy it for me in India when they visited their parents and it was a couple of dollars. There have been lawsuits over people importing those foreign copies.

There is no anti-trust issue involved in Shimano. For one thing, someone is violating a contract they had with Shimano, namely the U.K. shops. And Shimano is merely enforcing that. But there also is no problem with it absent that, price fixing has been declared legal by the supreme court as long as there are multiple brands available.
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