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Would I become a pro? Kind of irrelevant at my age. I very much wanted to at one time, but I was already in my mid-20's. Late bloomer or not, it was simply not gonna happen at that age, no matter how good I was (not very).

Would I advise a you someone in their mid-teens to do it? Hell no, knowing what I now know about the sport (and long suspected) in the post-Armstrong era. I honestly don't know why anyone would do it in this day and age, but a few always will, despite what I or anyone else tells them.

There will always be the Dave Stollers of the world, thank God, who do it for the sheer thrill and passion for the sport. And it is indeed a great sport, to watch at least. I watch race videos almost every day, and love to live vicariously though the great riders like Hinnault, Lemond, Indurain and Armstrong. And suffer vicariously through the not-so-great riders, on my bad days. But I'm very glad I never did it professionally, that probably would have killed the joy of the sport for me forever. As well as ruining my health, and taking years off my life, most likely.
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