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Shimano is on my 5hitlist too but for another reason. I bought a really really nice Shimano fishing reel about 10 years ago. I used it twice and then we packed up and moved and it got lost in the move. I found it when packing for another move two years ago. This virtually a brand new reel but it is 10 years old. I went out fishing with it and the crank stopped and "click". A small part broke inside the reel. I called Shimano and they won't even look at it. It's "too old, and we don't have parts". Don't have parts.....

I take the reel apart and figure out it's a teeny tiny little part on the worm drive that broke. I search and search and nobody has this part. Now I have a $300 spinning reel that is non-operational. I have 40 year old D.A.M. Quick spin reels that are still going strong. I have 50 year old Zebco reels that are still working. The 10 year old Shimano Rolls Royce model? Nope.

On a side note, this reel is WAAAAYY too complicated for a spinning reel. There are dozens of little plastic parts inside this reel. Every one of them fragile. I should have known, a reel that smooth isn't rugged and won't last, lesson learned. The Quick reels? maybe 12 parts total, made in Germany and bullet proof. That's why even 50 year old Quick reels command decent money on eBay, they last forever.

I'm done with Shimano.


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