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Originally Posted by livedarklions View Post
The big difference is that Shimano's market share is so high that price fixing in this manner may be an antitrust violation. SRAM is tiny by comparison.

There are a couple of things that are problematic.

Does Shimano make deals with major manufacturers like Trek/Giant/Cannondale/etc... to exclusively build bikes with Shimano components to exclude other manufacturers?

They have given a lot of power to regional distributorships. Who really is Shimano USA?

What happens when they tell a small bike shop that they MUST buy components from Shimano USA rather than a European wholesaler, or even a European reseller?

What if Shimano USA refuses to sell components to a business for one reason or another?

And, now, say that Wholesale vendor #1 has no MAP, and Wholesale vendor #2 has higher prices and a MAP... and forcing businesses to use that Wholesale vendor #2 with the MAP and higher prices?

It does start sounding a lot like a monopoly, at least at the level where Shimano USA is flexing their muscles.
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