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Memories of my summer yellow 84 SM500 mtb. Sure, it went over dirt trails but what a slug. Rear wheel was a 24 inch and front 26 inch.

Aluminum frame with a rear roller cam brakes that just didn't cut it for any decent braking. Bearing bosses always got contaminated and the L/R balance would be off.

The fork was steel and seemed a remnant of road fork blades. I'm guessing Cannondale sourced them. This bike was not for launching.

The bike handled poorly and although 'they' claimed the 24 inch rear was for climbing, I was never enthusiastic about it. At the time I was into moto-X and I thought Cannondale attempted to follow some of that. Wrong. The tires, if I correctly recall were a gumwall small knobby possibly by Panaracer.

It had a Sugino crank with Suntour round style beartrap pedals (of which I still have and on my funky semi-recumbent Bike-E). Suntour equipped with thumb shifters worked. It had moto-X type brake levers with the curved ball ends... dig.

Its without doubt one of the odd ducks of early MTB.
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