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Originally Posted by Machka View Post
A couple years ago I started the thread 'Dealing with Emergency Situations', which got some good responses.

Dealing With Emergency Situations

Now I'll ask the question, how do you deal with medical situations? Situations where you can't ride your bicycle or walk ... and can't drive.

What services do you have in your area to help you?

Obviously if it is really bad, you'll call an ambulance. But suppose you need to get to important medical appointments or carry on every-day life while not being able to get out and about.
Originally Posted by FBinNY View Post
...Just because we opt to live car free doesn't mean we're in the wilderness. Most (or close to all) of us live in civilized areas with Police, fire and medical a phone call away.

That doesn't mean we can't fend for ourselves in many situations, and can't, for example, ride the bike to a doctor, hospital or urgent care clinic. ...
So too, Boston is a medical mecca, and major teaching hospitals are within about two miles, and we have a car parked nearby. For a personal crisis, one is always advised, don't drive yourself. Ambulances, taxis, and Uber are always available, and subway lines bring you to a short walk of a Hospital or doctor's office, at least where we live.

When my wife was starting labor, she even insisted on walking to the Hospital. .
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I often tout Boston as the epitome of LCF/LCL in America, not to brag, but illustrate the possibilities.
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