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One of the reasons I ask this question is because I've been tentatively diagnosed with a fractured hip. I've been told not to walk, and if I have to, I should use crutches.

In order to confirm this diagnosis, I need to go for an MRI. I've been for MRIs up there recently, so my first thought was that I would just walk the 3.4 km round trip.

But wait. I'm not supposed to walk and I don't like crutches. I'm a klutz with them. Plus even if I were adept at using, it would be a challenge to get to this location.

So I figured I'd take the bus. Only the bus covers about 2 km of the 3.4 km, leaving me to deal with 1.4 km.

I guess it will be a taxi. But that can get expensive.

So it got me to thinking about the services available when we can't get around.

When I lived in Winnipeg and burned my foot to the bone, I tried to take a bus the first day. That was awful. Couldn't do it. So I started taking taxis, using the pet taxi service, and having my groceries delivered.

Here, we're already getting our groceries delivered which is good. I can take the bus into work for now, but if I am officially diagnosed with a hip fracture, I might not be able to do that. And there are taxis.

Do any of you have a service that takes incapacitated people to medical appointments?

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