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Originally Posted by daoswald View Post
Avail yourself of the kindness of a car-embracing friend or stranger, I guess. If you absolutely have to get somewhere quickly with a pet that is in really bad shape the best option is probably a vehicle.

One suggestion: certainly one of the nearby 24-hour pet emergency vets has dealt with a situation where the owner didn't have access to a vehicle. Call around to each of the closest and ask them what they have to offer for such situations. It might turn out they either have a standard operating procedure or could make up a standing plan of action in advance for this type of situation. It could be a conversation that serves to advance the awareness and services available to an entire community which could be a big win.
Great suggestion, I will do, when it's not an emergency. Hopefully there will be some solution. I know my neighbors would take me if they are home, but that's not always the case.
I'm not worried about getting myself someplace - if you throw enough $ at this problem there is a solution (whether ambulance, private medical transport, Uber/Lyft/taxi). Some medical plans now are even offering transport to appts. as part of the benefits.
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