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Originally Posted by FolderBeholder View Post

Well, in my area REI doesnt stock, nor do the sales people speak Brompton (San Diego)
I might as well have been speaking Swahili....

So...just because REI “carries” them, doesnt mean they “carry” them.
Or service them.
Members can order them as well as some accessories. No, it's not the same as having a knowledgeable indie shop person, I wasn't saying that at all. But if price matters (and clearly it does as online sales have shown) and members can get 10% back, I think it makes it a lot harder for indie brompton dealers to compete. Even in areas where REI doesn't stock on the floor. And they have an amazing return policy as well. REI stores that have bike service centers will service them as well - and, no, I don't take my bike to REI for service because I'm underwhelmed by their mechanics - but many people don't know what they don't know. Personally, I think Brompton's decision to go with REI/chains/coops screwed the little guys who have been the mainstay of their brand in the US.
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