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Playstation in Antarctica, Minnesota.

Originally Posted by JaccoW View Post
This is caused by global warming. That's why we call it climate change nowadays.
Hotter summers lead to colder winters.

Concurrently here on the other side of the pond it has barely been below freezing this winter and we only got a measly few centimers of snow that melts straight away.
Excellent riding weather though.

Okay, thanks for the info. I guess I kind of knew that, my remark was completely tongue-in-cheek.

Anyway, since it was way too cold to ride this past week, I decided to try out one of my Christmas presents that I've been rather ambivalent about.

The Playstation would have been a dream gift for me about twenty years ago. But these days, I'm just not that interested in Tech.

I don't even carry a "Smart Phone" - and the only time I carry my Trac-Phone/Flip-phone or whatever it is, is when I'm going on a long ride. Otherwise it just languishes in a drawer until the battery dies.

How... Ever.

I had no idea how far video games had come. The game I got with my PS4 does sportscar racing, which I enjoy, but it also does livery design and... wait for it...

Photography. OMGiddy God!

`Nuff said. Here are some of the images I captured while the weather outside was waiting to kill me:


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