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Fulcrum Racing 3, Campy Zonda, Other?

Looking at upgrading the bargain-basement Shimano RS010 C15 clinchers on my Shimano-equipped Colnago with another set of traditional alloy clinchers. Budget for wheel set is probably sub-$500. Anything has to be better than the $100 RS010 wheels, no?

I've looked at some other Shimano wheel sets, but they don't really do it for me looks-wise, I guess, and I can't seem to really find any good deals on them anyway. I've since honed in on C17 Fulcrum Racing 3 or Campy Zonda, which I realize are the same wheel other than looks and maybe freehub sound.

I'm 170 lbs, but trying to reduce that. Wheel set is just for general riding, pretty flat. Not concerned about aero or climbing, just need a solid, reliable wheel set that stays true and is light enough over my current set to be worth spending the money.

-I'd like the Campys just because they would be fitting on an Italian bike, even though the bike has Shimano running gear. That said, I don't really care for the Zonda rear wheel lacing pattern.

-The Fulcrums rear lacing pattern looks nicer to me, and seems like a safer bet for my dad-bod.

-In all honesty, I kind of wish both wheel sets were a bit "louder" - they are pretty understated, which is fine for an Italian bike, but I have to admit I kind of like louder looking wheelsets.

-I don't know which wheel set has a quieter Shimano freehub, I don't like freehubs that make people turn and look because they are so loud. I've seen so many things saying on both that the hubs are silent but 1000 miles in they are loud AF.

-The Fulcrums can be had for just $40 more than the Campys.

-I don't know that either wheel has a slight advantage over the other in terms of lacing pattern.

So, questions:

1) Which would you pick and why?

2) Any advantage to one over the other?

3) Any others I should be considering?

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