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I just went thru the same thing. What value priced wheelset to get? I don't believe in dropping big money on wheels. When guys with $2K wheels can drop me because of the wheels, then I may reconsider but most can't and most of the guys I ride with have deep section carbon wheels.

I just built a new bike. 2018 Cervelo R3. Its been a work in progress and started life with Di2 and now its mostly Campy with some Shimano parts I like. I went with the Zonda's.

Btw, the bike came with Mavic Ksyrium Elite wheels which I found to be excellent as well.

I switched them to another bike and decided that the Zonda's with their more understated aesthetic suited the Cervelo better. I can't tell you which wheelset I prefer...the Mavics or the Zonda's. Almost the same weight and stiffness....Zonda's maybe a hint stiffer...about the same 15xx grams in weight...both with now more popular 17mm internal rim width which melds nicely with 25c tires aerodynamically.

I will say this Cervelo with these wheels is a very fast bike. It just wants to run and my times over my route are lower and average speed is generally higher for same weather conditions compared to other bikes I own. Not a lot but noticeable.. Bike probably matters more than the wheels...mostly aerodynamics but suffice to say the Zonda wheels are fast enough. I prefer the G3 spoke lacing in back FWIW. Go read some reviews and I believe you will be ok with it. For the $$ to me and many others, the Zonda's are Campy's best value wheelset and I have Fulcrums on other bikes. I believe Campy and Fulcrum are perhaps the best production value wheels on the market or certainly top 5. Have had great luck with them.

As to price and solid supplier, likely any of the on line bike shops out of the UK. I bought these a couple of months back from Chain excellent UK supplier and paid a modest $351.00 shipped to the US. A footnote is, these Zondas have the quietest rear hub I have heard among Campy wheels...with Shimano freehub btw because I run Ultegra 11s cassettes with Campy groupsets.

Dark pic of my bike. The bike is deep blue with red accents and the frameset is as good as all the reviews says it it...all Cervelo knows about bike development when into it and that's a lot.

Btw, you are not heavy for a bike rider. I am the same size as Kittel at 180 lbs even though he can put out twice the watts that I can...or almost. One of my best friends now in his late 40's raced for Trek at 190 lbs. Of course he was a sprinter then and massively strong.

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