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Late to the party as ususal - how'd I miss this one?

Well, 5-6 years ago I bought a couple of their budget friendly Sun Ringle is long gone on a bike that got sold but the other that ended up with my kid is still going strong. And I've bought some other stuff on closeout there too, that AFAIAC were great deals.

Perhaps, Pukeskywalker, you or others here are not aware that unless they say in a listing that a particular wheelset was built in-house, most of Velomine's wheelsets come from Wheelmaster and are machine-built. Not that there's anything wrong with that

But it does explain how ryan_rides was able to buy the same wheels at his local shop. The good thing about Velomine is that thankfully they are not too greedy and they typically offer those wheelsets at very good prices that, unless you have an in somewhere, are lower than most local shops.

However - since they are machine built, it is entirely possible that any of those wheelsets may be less than perfect, which most likely accounts for your problems, Pukeskywalker. At the very least you should de-stress them yourself before riding them. At worst, they could very well need a good truing,

I'm looking at, and trying to decide between, a couple of different wheelsets from Velomine right now myself, and I don't think the ones I'm interested in are all that chea...err...inexpensive. But I know they are pre-builts so while I am hoping it won't happen, I am aware that if I do buy them they could need some work...

Sorry for TL;DR - short version is...Velomine is...fine

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